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About Us

Nordecon Oy is a Finland based multinational computer parts and components sales and distribution company. We have partner deals with leading companies in the IT supplier sector. Our main focus is Graphic Processing Units (GPUs), Motherboards and HDDs/SSDs. We re-sell in volumes WD, Seagate, Toshiba - brand new, factory recertified and tested HDDs.

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Nordecon Oy has very stable financial status, our capitalisation is 4 000 000 EUR. We expect a turnover of 35 000 000 EUR in 2018. We have received a Dun & Bradstreet Lowest Credit Risk rating (ID 53-969-0458), which confirms that we are a reliable partner to work with.

You can contact us at any time using the contact information provided at the bottom of this page.

Our partners

Nordecon news

8.8.2018 - Nordecon's new LinkedIn page

Welcome to our LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/nordecon-oy/

20.5.2018 -  Nordecon is GDPR ready

We have updated our privacy policy in order to comply with the EU legislation. Please read our statement here.

1.3.2018 - Nordecon updating ERP

Today we started the phase-out-period from our old ERP to our new ERP (Odoo). The appearance of our documentation will change due to this update.

1.3.2018 - Nordecon is hiring Back Office Assistants

Mr Miika Penttinen started working in Nordecon Oy at the end of January 2018. As a Back Office Assistant he will be processing all daily office routines and supporting our new sales and purchase team in the Balkans.

Ms Liping Fu started working in Nordecon Oy in March 2018. As a Back Office Assistant ms Fu will be the key link to our Asian contacts on all areas. Her main responsibilities will include also RMA processing.

Welcome Miika and Liping!

1.10.2017 Nordecon is expanding

Nordecon Oy has set up a new sales and purchase team in the Balkan area.

1.9.2017 - Nordecon is hiring Back Office Manager

Mr Mikko Haataja started working in Nordecon Oy as a Back Office Manager. He will be in charge of the daily office routines and the main link to our contacts (customers and suppliers). Welcome Mikko to our team!

15.8.2017 -  Nordecon back office team is moving

Nordecon Oy is expanding its operations and needs more office space for back office personnel. We're moving to bigger premises in Turku, offices provided by Regus Business Centre. Visiting address; Joukahaisenkatu 6, 20520 Turku, Finland. The head office remains in Espoo.

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Contact Us

In all business related queries please
contact info@nordecon.fi

Aleksander Kukkonen, CEO and sales


+358 40 537 9346

+358 9 4272 0981

Erno Sarja, COO, Logistics


+358 40 841 2177

+358 9 4272 0982

Nordecon Oy

VAT FI20322402

Legal address:

Nokkalankulma 2,
02230 Espoo, Finland

Our GDPR Privacy Statement

In all after sales , RMA, logistics etc. issues please contact office@nordecon.fi

Almir Karamehmedovic, Business Development Director Worldwide


+358 9 4272 0984

Mikko Haataja, Back Office Manager, Logistics


+358 40 516 4120

+358 9 4272 0983

Office address (please send all mail here):

c/o Regus
Joukahaisenkatu 6
Intelligate 2, 7krs.
20520, Turku, Finland'

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