IT Distribution

Nordecon is a distributor for several major GPU, HDD, RAM, Motherboard and PSU brands

System integration​

We serve system integration clients - small and medium business, server builders and datacenters.

Block Chain Mining Products

We sell all sorts of mining GPUs, CPUs, PSUs, Motherboards and ASIC machines

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We have found the additional value in working with Nordecon. Used HDD stock is always well tested, packed and delivered on time. Their customer service is kind and proactive, our account manager provides right information on time and what else could we ask for.

International Retail Chain
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I've never seen a company that helps in offer configuration so precisely, with attention to detail like Nordecon. We are always looking forward working with them.

System Integrator in Finland
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Nordecon Oy is a Finnish based multinational computer parts and components sales and distribution company. We have partner deals with leading companies in the IT supplier sector. Our main focus is Central Processing Units (CPUs), Graphic Processing Units (GPUs), Motherboards and HDDs/SSDs. We re-sell in volumes WD, Seagate, Toshiba – brand new, factory recertified and tested HDDs.

Nordecon Oy has a stable financial status, we received Dun & Bradstreet Lowest Credit Risk rating (ID 53-969-0458), which confirms that we are a reliable partner to work with.

We have also been awarded Achievers and Growth Company badges by a trusted Finnish business magazine Kauppalehti. They mean that Nordecon has been among the top companies in its field in Finland from financial stability and growth point of view

Based just outside Helsinki – city known as “Daughter of the Baltic”, the capital of Finland, one of the cold Nordic Scandinavian countries – a multicultural city with the international airport that connects us with globally important destinations on the market.
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We take every side and detail of our business seriously and we choose the most reliable partners to helps us with this. Our worldwide recognized partners ensure the highest industry standards in the whole chain.